Southside Gentrification Pros & Cons

Panel Discussion concerning the “Pros and Cons” of Gentrification on the South Side of Chicago.

We are part of a movement to educate people on the changes of gentrification happening in communities in Chicago and build allies to support the people affected by the changing area. People are being affected by increases in rents and property values and the changes in the character and culture of their communities. We want to educate people on the changing effects of Gentrification and their allies by hosting a speaker series with speakers from the Chicago community and panelist from Chicago and its neighborhoods . Can we count on you to attend?

Event topic Changes in Chicago’s South Side Pros and Cons- Gentrification

Event Location
Blackstone Library
4904 S Lake Street

Target Audience Folks who are being affected by Gentrification and allies
January 27:
Event Time 1:00- 3:00pm

2 personal stories
3 person Q&A Panel discussion
1 Moderator