Branch: Capitalism’s Housing Crisis

The for-profit housing market is failing working people. Ten years after millions of homes were lost to Wall Street in the 2007-2009 foreclosure crisis, there has been a sharp decline in homeownership while the number of renters has increased by more than 10 million households.

Skyrocketing rent is causing a lot of pain. From 2011 to 2016 the number of apartments that rented for less than $850 a month decreased from two-fifths of all rentals to one-fifth. Almost half of all renters now pay more than 30% of their income in rent.

Speculators and their politicians won’t just give up on their profits. Solving the housing crisis will require the involvement of millions of people under the guiding idea that housing is a human right. Socialist Alternative has been at the forefront with other activists in helping build support for rent control and other affordable housing policies in Seattle, Minneapolis, and other cities.

Join us for a discussion about how to start a mass movement to address the housings crisis in the US.