Bronx Abortion Clinic Defense

On September 15th antis from a group called Created Equal stormed three abortion clinics in MI, VA, and NM. They entered the clinics waiting rooms, handing patients roses in an attempt to talk them out of having their abortions, and refused to leave as a part of what they called a “Red Rose Rescue”. This escalation in violent harrasment at our clinics is unacceptable. Antis are emboldened by a Trump administration and they not going away, but getting worse. These are our spaces, and our bodies and we will not stand for it.

Bronx abortion, like clinics all across the country, has recently seen an increase in anti activity. The 40 Days for life campaign runs from September 27 to November 5 and we expect to see an increase in the number of antis outside the clinic (oftentimes students are bussed in during the 40 days for life campaign).

Please NYC for Abortion Rights to defend Bronx Abortion on October 14th at 7AM in a show of solidarity with abortion patients in the Bronx, and all across the country!

The clinic opens at 7AM on Saturdays, and patients arrive early on Saturdays (and so do the antis). We know that 6:30 is very early but we promise bagels!