Vote with DREAMers, Rep. Gottheimer! Clean DREAM Act NOW!

In late December, Congress had yet to address the fate of 800,000 young people. They promised they’d get to it next year.

We’re back to make sure that Congress makes good on that promise. On Friday, January 12, we’re headed to Rep. Gottheimer’s office to make sure that he commit to voting with DREAMers and hold the line if budget put forth does not include DREAMers.

Today, there are about 13,500 young people who have lost their DACA status since the administration began letting DACA permits expire in early September.

That’s 13,500 people that can’t legally continue in the jobs they hold, and can be swept up by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents and sent into deportation proceedings.

Please join us as we send off our New Jersey representatives back to D.C. with a clear message: SUPPORT THE CLEAN DREAM ACT!